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Playa de Cancuaay, Oslob Cebu, Filipinas

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testing from another crazy clone

can you comment here?

(I don't see problems in permissions here)
Olha eu aqui, comentando do Vilarejo! :-)
this channel is somehow compromised ... being a hybrid now, a mix, due to softwares that are incompatible in a certain percentage (old redmatrix and new hubzilla), strange things happen, especially with respect to the contacts (in a clone I have 2 contacts and in another almost 100) ... :facepalm
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for those who do not know the story of my channel:

lamentino started in redmatrix, then created a 2 clone also in redmatrix, and finally, arriving hubzilla, creating a clone in hubzilla blablanet hub, but then, bad luck, the second clone site (redmatrix)  dead ...and without notice, the third clone (blablanet ) it is unfortunately no longer hubzilla, as the administrator has changed the software, and then the clone is malfunctioning. Now I have tried to create new clones, but the softwares now are too differents and the clones are incompletes and do not work well unfortunately , many problems and incompatibilities, I repeat, are too different the software in the hubs  which I use (with one another) , by now quite incompatibles.

so this profile/ channel could die/disappear soon, because I have no way to create functional clones. :-(
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in relation to the clone in
unfortunately when I do  the login it happens strangest thing, I can not get in but I go to a 'login page' again again again... in a loop, infinite, and I do not go forward, always /login, and you can not exit the loop (also if a click in 'directory' for example  I return  in 'login' again :-O ), so I can not even  really enter practically in that hub.
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Forget coffee, beer or cola – it’s tea that is the world’s favorite drink. And now, there’s new evidence that suggests people have been enjoying a nice cuppa for even longer than previously thought.

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