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Pink Tones in concert at Segóbriga Roman Amphitheatre
Buenos días con esta joya musical que he descubierto gracias a @victorhck Pink Tones es un grupo español que rinde tributo a Pink Floyd con actuaciones tan maravillosas como esta, en el anfiteatro romano de Segobriga. Disfrutad de esta potente versión de "Atom heart mother"...

Pink Tones in concert at Segóbriga Roman Amphitheatre
by Pink Tones on YouTube

@James Lamentus

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#Fotografía #Lugares

Playa de Cancuaay, Oslob Cebu, Filipinas

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Olha eu aqui, comentando do Vilarejo! :-)
this channel is somehow compromised ... being a hybrid now, a mix, due to softwares that are incompatible in a certain percentage (old redmatrix and new hubzilla), strange things happen, especially with respect to the contacts (in a clone I have 2 contacts and in another almost 100) ... :facepalm
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for those who do not know the story of my channel:

lamentino started in redmatrix, then created a 2 clone also in redmatrix, and finally, arriving hubzilla, creating a clone in hubzilla blablanet hub, but then, bad luck, the second clone site (redmatrix)  dead ...and without notice, the third clone (blablanet ) it is unfortunately no longer hubzilla, as the administrator has changed the software, and then the clone is malfunctioning. Now I have tried to create new clones, but the softwares now are too differents and the clones are incompletes and do not work well unfortunately , many problems and incompatibilities, I repeat, are too different the software in the hubs  which I use (with one another) , by now quite incompatibles.

so this profile/ channel could die/disappear soon, because I have no way to create functional clones. :-(
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in relation to the clone in
unfortunately when I do  the login it happens strangest thing, I can not get in but I go to a 'login page' again again again... in a loop, infinite, and I do not go forward, always /login, and you can not exit the loop (also if a click in 'directory' for example  I return  in 'login' again :-O ), so I can not even  really enter practically in that hub.
The World's Oldest Tea Found In Chinese Emperor's Tomb


Forget coffee, beer or cola – it’s tea that is the world’s favorite drink. And now, there’s new evidence that suggests people have been enjoying a nice cuppa for even longer than previously thought.

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