my house near the sea 
I'm thinking in changing the version of my ringtone in the smartphone
  I want to use this:

Comfortably Numb Solo - Pink Floyd - Acoustic Guitar Cover

what do you think?

!Pink Floyd addicts

ps: ...also to remember the last wonderful song of the Roger Waters concert :-)
Nicely done.
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 my house near the sea 
is I have fear that my heart does not hold ....

Roger Waters - "Time" - Live in Mexico City, Oct. 2016
deRoger WatersaYouTube

...if I do not come back alive, know that it was nice to be here with you these years :-D

!Pink Floyd addicts
Mestre Moa (capoeira) was killed during a political discussion 10 days before the concert.
ps: outside the stadium, all the way to the subway, I breathed the atmosphere that I had never seen here in this city of Brazil, full of stalls with pink floyd shirts, a lot of people of all ages buying and exchanging comments. .. I was missing this too .. and a lot.

I closed the circle, I had seen the PF 2 times, without Roger (and without certain songs), I closed this circle that left me a certain emptiness inside.

I know, I'm not a normal person, I breathe and I breathed PF all my life, it's not just a band, it's an integral part of my soul.
Dogs has Waters and Gilmour singing each others lead vocal parts and completely different guitar solos from the finished work.

'Dogs' Pink Floyd Demo's 1976 Alternative version rare
deSteve McalisteraYouTube
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Pink Tones in concert at Segóbriga Roman Amphitheatre
Buenos días con esta joya musical que he descubierto gracias a @victorhck Pink Tones es un grupo español que rinde tributo a Pink Floyd con actuaciones tan maravillosas como esta, en el anfiteatro romano de Segobriga. Disfrutad de esta potente versión de "Atom heart mother"...

Pink Tones in concert at Segóbriga Roman Amphitheatre
dePink TonesaYouTube

@James Lamentus

!Pink Floyd addicts


FLOYDATAR a "mash-up" movie by Phineas Narco
'A Unique Mix of Imagery from the film Avatar set to the Music of Pink Floyd'
Join us in Second Life (you can download the software and join for free) -- wear your best Na'vi attire and
hangout with us and dance to the music of Pink Floyd in our beautiful Pandora-like environment....
2 SHOWINGS:  Saturday, 30th of JUNE - 2018
11am - 1pm SLT (US PDT) / 18.00 - 20.00 GMT / 20.00-22.00 CEST
2pm - 4pm SLT (US PDT) / 21.00 - 23.00 GMT / 24.00-02.00 CEST
RES SPACE POD CINEMA, look for teleport located in main hub
Resonance (212, 43, 29) ( )
SCREENING will be presented as LIVE Real-Time Video Stream
We will start the film promptly at the listed times above -- running time is...

Pink Floyd - Young Lust Demo
deAxel MerlinoaYouTube
if you do not have permission to write in this forum, warn me!

Sometimes updates unpack the permissions.
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 somewhere between the lines 
For me just reading the video description was a stunned WTF-moment.

Pink Floyd & Frank Zappa - Interstellar Overdrive (Live)
deEzequiel FerraroaYouTube

@Pink Floyd addicts+
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The Dark Side Of The Moon
I treasured this album long before I had actually heard it. Strange, the way some music paths it's way into people's lives. For this one, I knew I loved it. I had borrowed it from several libraries on several media throughout the years. I had put it onto a cassette. Yet, I did not listen to it. At least not really. Just a few minutes, maybe skipping across the rest.
Then I even did own it, that beautiful little box they did for it's 30th anniversary. For many years I did not listen to that CD.
Then The Easy Allstars did their stellar cover version called Dub Side Of the Moon. Wow. I was hooked. More than that, I was in love. That became my album of the year, along with the original. Finally I did listen. And wow, what was there to discover!
Since then DSOTM has kept it's very special place inside my heart and soul. It has opened the path for many other Pink Floyd albums. Except for The Wall. Every few years or so I give it another spin and acknowledge that it's awesome, but strange enough, it does not do much for me. It does not touch me the way DSOTM or The Piper ... do.

I once thought it would be a nice idea to collect DSOTM cover versions. But I gave that idea up before I had even started. That is too vast of a field.

I have just found another one. Again, beautiful and unique all by itself. It's a chello cover version.
Dark Side Of The Moon On Cello, by Gordon Withers


8 track album
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Green Is The Colour - Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd - Green Is The Colour (Official Music Video)
dePink FloydaYouTube

#PinkFloyd #music

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London retrospective charts 50 years of Pink Floyd - The Nation


From guitars to sketches for iconic album artwork, an immersive Pink Floyd retrospective at London's Victoria and Albert Museum traces the half-century career of the famous British band.

@Progressive Rock+